About Us

The intent to serve was deep-rooted, our small steps have now become a movement.

The Women Like Us Foundation, a 501C3 charitable organization, has been active for over ten years delivering projects in Uganda, Kenya, India, Serbia, Costa Rica, and the United States. Our current focus is on the Women Like Us Center in Nakuru, Kenya with a vision to expand the services of the center, and create more such options in other parts of the country.

Gender equality is an important catalyst for social justice, restructuring of human rights for all, and it remains the prime focus of all our initiatives. Our organization is driven with a plan of self-sustenance and productivity. From strategic planning, to fundraising, to watching over the business of the Women Like Us Foundation, we are working to make sure our efforts continue for years to come.


Linda Rendleman – CEO/Founder


We are proud to announce that most recently, our leader, Linda Rendleman, was selected as one of 21 women whose stories of perseverance and excellence was told in a musical celebration of extraordinary women.  Along with Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor and others.  Her passion and perseverance for supporting women’s work in the world is a tribute to the continual work of Women Like Us Foundation. More information is available on Hear Her Song by the Canales Project.

Linda is Executive Producer for the film documentary, Women Like Us.  Three Journeys.  One Mission. To Change the World, a film of women’s stories who are changing the world and the work of her foundation as well as her own story of struggle as a cancer survivor, single mom, long time champion of women and philanthropist. In addition, Linda has an undergraduate degree in Public Speaking and English and a masters degree in Counseling.

Linda is an award-winning writer, speaker, and business woman. She is the author of the book series, Women Like Us: Real Stories and Strategies for Living Your Best Life; Women Like Us Illuminating the World; and Women Like Us:  Together Changing the World. In 2009, Linda created the Women Like Us Foundation.

She won numerous awards for her speaking and writing to women, including the Torchbearer Award from the State of Indiana, the highest award the states gives a woman, for her work supporting women’s work, writing, and speaking.  She has hosted, directed and produced a television show on the Fox Network and a radio show on station WXNT where women have told their stories of perseverance and changing the world.

Learn more about Linda’s speaking and coaching.

Catt Sadler

Journalist, activist, and entrepreneur Catt Sadler is the International Spokesperson for Women Like Us, and also a daughter of co-founder Linda Rendleman. She is well-renowned for her work as a host on E! Entertainment Television for more than a decade.

After choosing to leave E! over a wage gap issue and receiving an outpouring of support, she’s been devoting her time and talents to empower women via a myriad of projects.

Catt is CEO of the CATTWALK, the digital business she founded in 2013. She hosts and executive produces her popular podcast, NAKED, and can also be found speaking about equal pay and women’s rights at conferences, on panels, and events around the country.

Her proudest role is that of mother to two teenage boys.

Board and Sponsors

We are thankful to the guidance of our boards, and the partnership with our sponsors.

From strategic planning, to fundraising, to watching over the business of Women Like Us Foundation, the leaders of Women Like Us Foundation understand the importance of structure and passion to sustain change.  Between our National Leadership and our local and global initiatives we are working to make sure our work continues for years to come.

National Board

Lawrence Adamo
Advisor, Disciplined Advisor Network
Financial Strategist

Anthony James Eder
Business Development Strategist

James Cahill
Strategic Advisor

Jane Davis
Program Outreach

National Advisory Board

Stevie Ellison

Jan Nagel
Entertainment Marketing

Dr. Ben Talei
Beverly Hills Center for Plastic and Laser Surgery

Melinda Bostwick
Associate Corporate Contributions Professionals


Collette Foundation
Pacific Life
The CATT Walk
Community Foundation of Western Nevada
KAR Auction Services
Raymond James
Lawrence Adamo Insurance
US Blanks
Faegre Baker Daniels
Liberty Hill Foundation
Guzman Law Group
Women Connect 4 Good
Beverly Hills Center for Plastic and Laser Surgery