Global Milestones

While our current focus is on the Women Like Us Center in Kenya,where our team has been globally active for over 10 years. Our journey for women’s causes has taken us locally and globally in support of women’s charities who are eradicating sexual abuse and homelessness through educational resources.  We have made impact fighting sex trafficing on the streets of Los Angeles to construction sites in the Dominican Republic, orphanages in India, educational needs in Costa Rica and many more. We have partnered with 25 different organizations spanning over California, Indiana, the Dominican Republic, India, Serbia, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Uganda, and Kenya. Here is a glimpse of some of those milestones.

Resource Workshops for Transition From Abuse

Women Like Us Achieve Program: Character. Confidence. Courage

Women Like Us Center - Program on Character, Confidence and CourageMany victims of sexual abuse have become immune to understanding that they are valuable human beings and they can have better lives. Women-led initiatives are working hard to help victims realize their worth and pave the way to brighter futures and Women Like Us Foundation has supported them through our documentary, funding, volunteering, and specific projects.

Working in partnership with women-led nonprofit organizations Women Like Us Foundation has partnered for transitioning women of sexual abuse and homelessness specifically to have the skills to return to society to live an empowered life. 

Eliminating Homelessness

Women Like Us Foundation’s efforts to fund and support women’s leadership in eliminating homelessness is important to the future of our country.  Homelessness is a catalyst for and can be a result of the growth of sex trafficking. It becomes a reality that the only way to be cared for is to sell one’s body and a homeless woman or girl can be lured into this way of life

  1. Homes of Hope: We brought 55 volunteers to the Dominican Republic and built homes for three homeless families.
  2. Ramana’s Garden Orphanage, India: We provided grants, humanitarian travel and volunteering as part of our support for this school of “untouchables.”
  3. A Better Way:  We provided a grant to this domestic violence initiative in Indiana
  4. Shanti Uganda Birthing Center: We provided grants for a birthing center, midwife and birthing kits

Film Against Sex Trafficking

Hidden Tears is a media company that partners with non-profits across the country to raise consciousness through media on gender inequality, sexual abuse, and human trafficking, all of which are intrinsically connected.

 Women Like Us Foundation partnered with Shades of Red as a sponsor and also was shown in the film in support of raising awareness on this topic.

Empowerment through Education

One Girl at a Time Foundation

One Girl at a Time Program is a strategically-planned group mentoring program for teen girls that propels them forward through informed decision making.  Volunteer mentors provide positive role models, educating and creating awareness on topics that affect young women today. Once a key program of Women Like Us Foundation, One Girl at a Time is now it’s own charity and operates in Indiana and California.

Other partnerships in the field of education:

  1. Noel School, Mbita Village, Kenya: We have worked with the school for the past ten years. From a few students and metal sheet enclosures, it is now at 270 students, 15 teachers, and a few brick-walled classrooms. These students attend secondary schools, get vocational training, and make a better future for themselves and others in the community. Noel school now has Kenya CBO status, recently installed fresh water faucets, a modest stock of textbooks, and educational supplies.
  2. Victorious Teens Bridge International, Nakuru, Kenya: We donated school supplies, sanitary pads, and toothbrushes/toothpaste and issued a grant for developmental resources and field trips for teens to help them understand the world of work and understanding self-sustaining futures.  In addition, Women Like Us Foundation traveled with volunteers to their location for on the ground volunteering.
  3. El Yue Women’s Center, Costa Rica: We provided grants for a new library, computers and school supplies.
  4. Carbon Elementary School, Costa Rica: We provided grants for textbooks, painted building, construction, provided electrical upgrades and a well for clean water and English teacher salaries.

Additional organizations whom we have been honored to support through creating awareness, funding and volunteering

  1. The Dream Center – United States
  2. Somaly Mam Foundation – Somalia
  3. Purchased – United States
  4. Restore Inc.-United States
  5. Shared Hope International-United States
  6. Saving Innocence- United States