Women Like Us Center – Nakuru, Kenya

 When She Can Learn, She Can Earn.

Watch the most recent film about the skills and impact that have changed women’s and girls’ lives.  This 18-minute film introduces you to the women at the center, along with the teacher, our staff, and the abounding energy at Women Like Us Center.  We are blessed.

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Congratulations to our students of sewing, computer lab, farming, hair dressing and more.  You’re on your way to economic stability!

Women Like Us Center in Nakuru, Kenya is dedicated to improving the lives of women coming from a life of abuse, violence, physical hardships, and personal loss. Their trauma is intense and deep-rooted, leaving no hope for the future. The center provides them a place of a recluse and a sincere pause – to heal, and help find their own selves.

Women Like Us Center

While the center offers various services – most importantly, it creates a spirit of belonging, a sense of shared sorrow, and an opportunity to turn this sentiment around into a productive direction. Women help each other come out of tragedies and work towards finding solutions. There are times when they come in not to attend a session but only to spend a few moments with each other, sit, talk, share, rejuvenate their spirits and go back recharged.

Women Like Us CenterWelcoming the victims in is just the first step. Having them come consistently and start training establishes ongoing commitment and improvement. The impact of the programs is beyond just the attendees. It also helps the lives of their kids and creates a new spirit of awareness and achievement in their community. Most recently, even the men in the community have started showing interest in group therapy.

Our efforts focus on creating a self-sustaining path through education and training. This path is not easy and impediments are many. Very frequently their life returns to forced marriage, sex trade, and violence. Forced back into the dark abyss they came from, they find themselves fending for their lives, making choices out of desperation, and back to the basics of survival!

Our ongoing aid can give each of these women a chance to turn their lives around. Let us not compromise those numbers simply for lack of action. If we can make a difference, why not?

The center hosts a variety of services to meet the needs of its participants.

  • Sewing for self-reliance and economic empowerment
  • Support groups/group therapy to help heal from physical and emotional trauma
  • One one one individual therapy
  • Vocational training
  • Healthcare and sanitation awareness
  • Chicken raising and newer farming techniques
  • Care of FMG and other physical abuse issues
  • Parenting workshops

As women of the world, it is our duty to put a stop to injustices. Gender equality is a critical catalyst for social justice and the restructuring of human rights for all. We’ve always been a champion of women’s rights and invite you to join this movement.

The average monthly expense to run the center is approximately US $2000 and it is solely dependent on external financial support to continue running.


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It is with that intent that Women Like Us reaches out to raise more funds, beyond the humanitarian travel project. It isn’t just about the day to day running, but also about providing a consistent and sustainable path, expanding the center, offering more options, and creating a legacy for others to follow.