Meet the Women from the Center

Women at the Women Like Us Center, Nakuru, Kenya

Here you’ll read the words spoken by individual women who have experienced all that the Women Like Us Center in Nakuru, Kenya has to offer.

These are just a few of the many women currently benefiting from the services the Center provides: training in leadership, job skills development and entrepreneurship; community support; problem solving, and confidence building.

Linda Rendleman, Founder of Women Like Us FoundationYou know everyone is having a hard time in these economically stressful times. We are no different.

Yet we are committed to our women at the Women Like Us Center and in need of your help.

Blessings- Linda Rendleman 

If She Can Learn…She Can Earn.

Sponsor a Woman at the Center for $55 per month

Our goal is to change the lives of 25 new women at the center


I wanted to learn on to, so that I can sew for my families customers or my kids. We have learnt so much from the centre. Like how to be self-sustainable, how to open a business thereafter and other skills that can bring money and save money. Am grateful for that.


I saw the sign and asked what is going on here and came in and decided I wanted to learn…We learn about menstruation and sew sanitary towels for our girls so they can stay in school.  We also learn about how to communicate with our boys about respecting girls as well as how communication call help us with our business to earn money.


I knew about the centre from my uncle. He told me to come since I will learn a lot of things. When I enrolled I didn’t know how to use a sewing machine but at the moment I can make dresses, bags and dresses. I thank all who donated the machines, it has been of great help.



I joined the centre in February. I dint know anything about machines but now I have learnt. I can make clothes skirts, and even bags. I thank my trainers, Liz, she helped me a lot, I dint even knew how to put the string in the needle hole but now I know. Our leaders Edwin and Jacky have advised us wisely and they have taught us a lot, including how to solve our problems, am happy to be at the centre.



The center has helped many women some we are full in class… for now we have known how to make skirts, blouse, trousers, bags and am happy that when I come out of centre, I will sew and attract more customers. Apart from sewing we have learnt about defending and whole process of rape.


My name is Agnes Sagimo, a mother of 4 and 1 grand child. Am at women like us centre and am happy to be here, I got to know it from a neighbor. I was happy and when they started I joined them. When I joined I didn’t know anything, and am saying that’s to the centre because as per now am able to make uniforms, women clothes and shirts, am proud of it. Although it wasn’t easy thing according to my current age, it took the teacher a lot of love to take me through and help me learn to sew and attend to a customer. I am grateful to women like us foundation.

Aside from that, we have various trainers, like Edwin, he has taught us on how to work and save the little that we get. I now have skills as a woman on how to handle things like rape, and the measures to take. Before I joined, I couldn’t speak in front of people, but through the centre, I now have confidence through women like us foundation, they have inspired us to even talk to customers.

When we get counseling from Jacky, we always appreciate as women. Thank you so much, Women like us foundation.

Here are the programs where your money will go to improve each woman’s life:

Woman learning to sew at the Women Like Us Center in Nakuru, Kenya

Sewing Certification Program

Your monthly contribution includes our sewing training which provides an instructor, fabric, a sewing machine and a wage from sales of her products.


Group and Individual Therapy

Our women come from a place that is often a part of sexual abuse, domestic violence and addiction. The psycho-social support they receive at the center is life changing and is available to them 4 times per month.

Women gathering corn at the center


The women of this program get 8 sessions per month of agricultural education, seeds, tools, a vegetable stand at the site location and crops to take home to feed their families.

Women Like Us Center

Business Education

Education for running her own business, the center provides an instructor on micro enterprise opportunities and table banking, which is a micro loan to start their business.

Women Like Us Center in Kenya - gathering eggs

Poultry Project

Currently our women are turning the poultry training they have received into their own enterprise on the grounds of the center. 4 sessions per month for support and
mentoring of this program.

$55 Monthly sponsorship for one woman at the Women Like Us Center in Nakuru, Kenya