Olmalaika Home

Girls at the Olmalaika Home


Women Like us Foundation has supported the Olmalaika Home in several ways; through bringing groups to Kenya to be on the ground with the children of the Olmalaika Home and the beautiful smiling faces of the girls in the home. We have donated $1300 for a water tank so the girls no longer get their water from the river.

Girls at the Olmalaika HomeKim DeWitt is featured in our documentary, Women Like Us. Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change the World. and the recent book,Women Like Us. Together…Changing the World. We have held fundraising events for her initiative and helped our travelers grant funds for sponsorship of the girls in the home.


Rescue and recover girls who are victims or at risk of Female Genital Mutilation.

The mission of THE OLMALAIKA HOME is to house and protect young disadvantaged Maasai girls, providing a warm, nurturing and loving environment; guiding them to see themselves as persons of value ; fostering respect and appreciation for their peers, teachers, leaders, and culture, enabling them to be a generation of educated, productive, respected and valuable young women.


The Omlalaika Home, which means “angel” in KiMaasai, opened its doors in 2013 to twenty three young Maasai girls between the ages of 5 and 16 who were at high risk of genital mutilation, early childhood marriage and/or are total orphans. There are now 37 girls living in the home.

Girls at the Olmalaika home in KenyaGlobal Village Ministries is passionate about giving girls the opportunity to be educated and also feel that it is important for them to continue to be surrounded by the positive things within the Maasai culture and be proud of their rich heritage.

The home is in Sekenani on school property, and the girls are blessed with an amazing matron who is Maasai and is able to reach out to them with hope, love and encouragement. They are also hoping to set up some intern opportunities for international students and opportunities for nurses/physicians/teachers to come and spend stay at the home while working with the children, plus the community.

Starting simply as mission trips providing simple medical and dental care in 2006, Global Village Ministries has since grown into a permanent establishment in underprivileged areas. What started as a group of dedicated people has now grown into a diverse, successful team providing the basic essentials of life along with the tools to create a better future.

The medical treatment provided by the organization alone has reached thousands of disadvantaged people. Just recently, a young child who was once blind can now see and experience the world around him while infant burn victims have recovered remarkably from treatments all made possible by Global Village Ministries undying efforts. The safe haven, Olmalaika Home, has sheltered 37 young girls from the harsh, daunting travesties experienced on a daily basis. In addition to saving children, they are also cultivating a love for learning and instilling the importance of an education. Several children are now off of the streets and excelling in school programs.