Our Impact

Nation News Highlights how the Women Like Us Center in Nakuru, Kenya is bringing back meaning to lives of GBV (Gender-Based Violence) survivors.

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Participants of the Dream.Believe.Repeat ProgramDream. Believe. Repeat

Dream. Believe. Repeat (DBR) is a community based organization that helps girls stay in school. It is literally changing lives, one girl at a time.

What started out as a program to teach girls leadership skills is now a movement which offers a holistic approach to helping girls continue their education in high school and beyond…

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Students at Noel School

Noel School

Coming from a life of abuse, abandonment, sickness, harassment, and personal loss, kids at Noel School get a fresh start and a promise of a better tomorrow.

Over time we have built latrines, supplied funds for lunches and medical assistance for the children, and most recently installed water tanks to hold fresh water that we supply. We recognize the importance of health and education and have most recently we have implemented a garden, delivered 900 textbooks to the children, helped support the teachers salaries and more.  In addition, we helped with transportation to Nairobi and medical bills to restore a young girls eye sight. The children and Mrs Tom, the school manager, are in our documentary to create awareness of their school.

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Children at the Olmalaika Home in Kenya

Omalaika Home

The Omalaika Home, which means “angel” in KiMaasai, opened its doors in 2013 to 23 young Maasai girls between the ages of five and 16 who were at high risk of genital mutilation, early childhood marriage and/or are total orphans. There are now 37 girls living in the home.

We raised funds for a clean water tank, worked on the ground with the girls and helped carry water from the river, make bread, wash their clothes and interviewed them for our documentary to create awareness.

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