Our Dream has Come True

When They Can Learn- They Can Earn

It is with pride and love that I can share this announcement with our friends, supporters, and donors of the Women Like Us Foundation. We have been honored to have you on our team and standing with us as we built Women Like Us Center skills programs in Kenya.

For years we have worked with Edwin Onimi, Executive Director, and Jacky Jackson, Psychologist and Program Director of the Women Like Us Center. Over time we have developed the Women Like Us Achieve program for women and girls. Our mission toward economic stability for women and girls through education is now headed to its next chapter.

We are proud to announce that we have impacted 800+women and their families.


Most recently, the Women Like Us Center has earned and been acknowledged as a licensed Community Based Organisation (CBO) charity in Kenya, Africa. This is an important move forward for the center, its teachers, directors and, of course, the women and girls who learn skills and have worked hard to change their lives. 90% of the women at the center are victims of domestic violence and rape, while poverty permeates all.

The hard work and dedication of our leaders has been key to our development over the past years. Women Like Us Foundation has been an integral part to assist with management, financial support, annual volunteer trips to Kenya and much more.

As we move into a new chapter with the Women Like Us Center as its own entity, we hope you will continue to support them through your donations, love and respect.

Women Like Us Center has earned and been acknowledged as a licensed Community Based Organisation (CBO) charity in Kenya, Africa.

Please meet the Directors and Teachers

Edwin Onimi

Edwin Onimi

Thank you for your every month donation to Women Like Us Centre! It really makes a difference for the teen mothers and our women in our centre.

Thanks to you, these women have a safe place to learn personal development and growth and come to the Women Like Us Center for emotional refuge. Instead of staying at home without work and food to feed their children, our women are learning how to sew, computer education, hairdressing, and poultry raising.

They also get free psychosocial support from our professional counselor. It’s important to mention that our women come from slums and everyday they encounter gender violence and abuse from their homes.

Thanks to your support, we were able to start the Women Like Us Achieve program at our centre, and now, our women are able to acquire employability skills towards the journey of self sustenance.

Eunice says it best: “Women Like Us Centre make everyday fun! I took the sewing program, and now am able to do some small repairs for my neighbors and earn. That’s how I pay for my child’s education. I have learnt so much!

Thank you again for your ongoing support of our women!

When She Can Learn, She Can Earn.


Edwin Onimi
Executive Director

Jacklyne Masenoi Jackson

Jackline Masenoi

Thank you so much for your support towards our Women Like Us Center in Kenya. As a woman survivor of gender base violence, female genital mutilation [fgm],and early childhood marriage, I take pride in acknowledging your support and donations as we embark on complete operating and educating women and girls through our newly acquired licensed charity. Its with humble request that you will continue donating for the continuity of the Women Like Us Center.

My sincere appreciation, and gratitude.


Jacklyne Masenoi
Counsellor Psychologist
Program Director

Elizabeth Muchai

Elizabeth Muchai

I was very happy to get this opportunity to serve these beautiful women at Women Like Us Centre. Am not just a teacher to them, am a friend and a confidant to some. Every day before classes start, we sing and dance together. It’s a culture that we created at the center to bring happiness and restore hope. They equally need that most.

Ruth Wanjoka

Ruth Wanjoka

During our first computer class, Evelyne was trickled down with tears of Joy. She said that she had never seen a computer before, leave alone touching it. That is one reason that motivates me to come and empower these women. Women in technology are the next big thing, and we are happy you enabled us to start the lessons. Some of our graduates have secured employment in supermarkets and other firms through computer skills.

Our Film of the work and the Women Like Us Center. This is an 18 minute film made by our Directors and the women whose lives have changed through education.

As the Women Like Us Center continues forward on its mission for economic stability for women in Kenya, we need your help. The most help is funds the center can rely on as monthly sponsorships. Please use the button below to be a part of changing lives for women and teen mothers.